A Healthy, Sustainable and Mindful Lifestyle

Food and Health

The China Study, the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted, has revealed that the closer people came to an all plant-based diet, the lower their risk for chronic disease.

Food and Sustainability

Animal agriculture is a major factor in climate change, water and air pollution, biodiversity loss and deforestation. We all can contribute to the sustainability of our planet by choosing the right kinds of food.

Food and Mindfulness

124,000 animals are being slaughtered every minute for the food around the world. Fuel your body with nutritious fruits and vegetables instead of painful body parts.


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Plant-based Diet Seminar

What is a plant-based diet? Will I get enough nutrition eating a plant-based diet?Can diet reduce the risk of chronic diseases?Our seminar gives you a chance to rethink the relationship between the food we eat and how it affects our life and the world around us.


Vegan Cooking Workshop

Being a vegan does not mean salad is your only choice! Join our multi-cultural cooking workshops to experience the fun and abundance of vegan food.


Kid’s English Cooking Class

Having a hard time getting your kids to eat vegetables? We are here to help! Nothing’s more fun than cooking delicious plant-based food and learning English at the same time!